Adjustable pulley

The Ever-power Adjustable Pulley is the perfect machine for around training and conditioning.

The fully height-adjustable pulley allows an enormous selection of multi-joint, isolation and core exercises to be performed.

The Ever-power Adjustable Pulley is ideal for sport-related training together with rehabilitation work.

Any standard cable attachments and also our selection of thick-grip attachments could be clipped onto the wire and the 100 kg weight stack offers plenty of resistance even for advanced athletes.

The Ever-power Adjustable Pulley can be an versatile, space-efficient machine that every gym should have.

We also have a normal High Pulley / Low Pulley release of this machine.

Want to work with your cable machine for low rows? After that check out our catalogue.

We recommend this machine is bolted straight down or one of our wall brackets are used – please require details when ordering.
We offer Adjustable Cam Pulleys for Volvo 8v / 16v and BMW M20 engines. Nuke Overall performance Cam Pulleys allow for fine tune modifications to cam timing to maximize performance. The pulley is normally hard anodized for a long lasting life and so are made with the same quality and finish as all our overall performance parts.
We use hard washers to make certain optimal function at all time and the 3 M6 bolts are fastened with helicoil inserts for prolonged durability.
Adjustable V-belt pulleys
High quality
Various adjustable types
Available from stock
Brands: Ever-power
Adjustable V-belt pulleys
V- belt pulleys match V-belt so that tranny happens by friction between the inclined sides of the belt and the pulley itself.
Materials: cast iron EN-GJL-250 UNI EN 1561.
Due to our significant assortment, there is nearly always a product that’s suitable for your applications. We not only supply drive parts, but also all the other products had a need to achieve an optimal process. Inside our stockpile we have, for example, numerous kinds of transport factors, hydraulic components, oil coolers and our very own monitoring system the Beegle. Do you wish to know more in regards to a product or do you have a question? Our specific sales engineers will end up being happy to assist you in finding the best product necessary for you technical task. Feel free to contact us for those who have problems or seek information.

Variable Speed – Adjustable Pulleys
Generally known as: Hand Adjustable Pulleys, Stationary Adjustable Pulleys, Variable Pitch Pulleys, Adjustable Pitch Pulleys, Variable Speed Pulleys.
These adaptable pulleys are suitable for low power applications when a small variation in speed may be required or the drive has to be trimmed after installation.
Adjustable pulleys contain two parts, a set half that’s secured to the electric motor shaft, and an flexible half. The fixed 50 percent includes a finely threaded boss onto which the adjustable 50 percent is mounted. Modifications are created by screwing the changeable half towards or from the fixed 50 %, effectively changing the pitch diameter of the pulley. Adjustment may be built in increments of 1 quarter of a flip. When at the desired setting the movable 1 / 2 is locked into posture with a establish screw which should be aligned with a slot in the boss to avoid harm to the threads.
There are two types of tensioner pulleys that provide the tension upon an engine’s accessory belt or belts. One type is normally self-adjusting; the other requires manual adjustment. The self-adjusting pulley is usually spring-loaded and provides its tension. The other requires adjustment with a bolt that’s located on the side, best or bottom of the pulley. Just the latter kind of tensioner pulley could be altered.
Adjust your machinery to the strictest of expectations with variable pitch sheaves from USA Roller Chain. Our variable velocity V-belt pulleys support applications with drive-quickness refinements, including pumps, fans, blowers and more. Stop worrying about adjustment frustrations because an flexible V-belt pulley from our share is simple to work with in any application. Slip the variable drive pulley on your machine, and modify it from that point forward. Speed adjustments are the main pulley’s design benefits. The secret is within the threaded, angular confronted discs that are the main of the V-designed groove on each pulley. If you want more speed, approach the discs toward one another. This alignment creates a belt that merely rides bigger in the groove. Achieve a larger pitch size than before with this adjustment. Meet every need in your industry by slowing the machinery right down to a particular rate. Simply raise the space between the two discs, which decreases the belt’s movement. At EVER-POWER, our variable pulleys provide you with the necessary adaptability to refine your machinery and move forward with a productive evening.