Conveyor chain sprocket

Ever-power manufactures conveyor chain sprockets in a number of styles. These include conveyor chain sprockets made as plate wheels or with regular or split hubs fitted using one or both sides. Ever-power conveyor chain tires can be manufactured in a number of special materials with hardened teeth where necessary.
How to extend conveyor chain sprocket and chain wear life
The last thirty years have seen numerous innovations in conveyor technology which have brought greater safety and efficiency. However, alter in this field hasn’t always been necessarily for the better.
One innovation is the introduction of sprockets with an even quantity of teeth. It was thought that this would offer customers a greater choice when making chain conveyor systems. However, sprockets with an even number of teeth are not recommended by experienced technicians.
If a sprocket has an even amount of teeth, the same tooth will be involved by the same rollers on each rotation, leading to uneven wear and decreased provider life. A similar result will take place if the number of teeth in small sprocket is a devisor of the number of pitches on the conveyor chain. Choosing a sprocket with an odd number of teeth, nevertheless, will provide you with at least dual the service life.
Double pitch conveyor chain sprockets tend to be overlooked nowadays but are perfect for saving upon space and have an extended wear life than standard sprockets. Suitable for long pitch chain, dual pitch sprockets have more teeth when compared to a standard sprocket of the same pitch circle diameter and distribute wear evenly across the the teeth. If your conveyor chain works with, double pitch sprockets are worth considering.
A lot of today’s conveyors include electronic load monitoring in the control program. While this is a good safety feature, technical engineers recommend that they are found in conjunction with shear pin sprockets.
Electronic sensing is definitely ideal where there’s a slow increase in load (due to damaged bearings or dirt contamination, for instance) as there is time to stop the drive before any damage can occur. Regarding a mis-feed or mechanical breakage, however, where in fact the load boost is certainly sudden, the sensor will not automatically break the connection between the electric motor and the driven load and considerable damage can be triggered to the conveyor chain and attachments. For this reason a shear pin sprocket is necessary in addition.
Shear pin sprockets could be more costly than standard sprockets at the outset but will certainly limit downtime and save on replacement costs. If a conveyor turns into overloaded and potentially harmful, the shear pin will break and stop the conveyor, therefore limiting damage. After the load or obstruction offers been cleared, only the shear pin needs to be changed and the conveyor can quickly start moving again.
In conclusion, older types of sprocket are often forgotten but provide considerable advantages including lengthy service life, limited harm in the event of conveyor breakdown and reduced substitute costs.

Our conveyor chains and sprockets are engineered to top quality and performance specifications. Wear resistance, mechanical power, working temperature and coefficient of friction are important considerations.
Molded and machined sprockets available in a variety of tooth and bore sizes. Also, they are provided for all plastic-type chain and modular plastic material belt products. Our items are made to help our clients increase their efficiency and enhance their working environment
The experts at Ever-power have been working with chains and sprockets for many years. If you’ve caused other organizations and uncovered that you couldn’t discover precisely the right part to your requirements, that’s not going to happen right here! If we don’t possess the roller chain sprockets or conveyor chain sprockets that your project requires in share, we can still custom manufacture per customer necessity. Plus, we keep thousands of exclusive sprockets in stock and are in a position to deliver them out the same time. We realize that any downtime could be costly, and we function hard to ensure that you’re ready to go again quickly and cost-effectively.
Finding Your Ideal Sprocket
Do you need a sprocket, but you aren’t sure exactly what you need? This universal problem is one which our Ever-power professionals hear on a weekly basis. We excel at dealing with you to ensure that you get exactly the roller chain sprocket or conveyor chain sprocket that may keep assembling your project or machinery moving again. Sprockets are available for a number of uses from forestry to machinery, and everything in between. It’s every bit as important to choose the correct sprocket since it is to make use of the right chain — a mismatch could be catastrophic, causing harm to costly machinery and even dangerous accidents. Observe how Ever-power can help you find the perfect roller chain sprocket.
Struggling with how exactly to explain your sprocket so that you can find another one? Here’s a few of the questions that we often ask customers to help point them in the proper direction:
Do you know what type of sprocket you need?
How is your sprocket being used — since a drive sprocket or idler sprocket?
What is the diameter of the sprocket you have to replace?
How many teeth are in your sprocket?
What size chain are you using?
As you can see, there is a advanced of complexity that goes in to ensuring that we recommend the precise roller chain sprocket or conveyor chain sprocket for assembling your project.
PEER Perfectly Pairs!
If you’re replacing a whole system, you might need a matching chain to go with your sprocket. By changing both these items at the same time, you may extend the overall lifestyle of your machinery. Sagging chains tend to be to blame for inefficiencies that can cause disfiguration of other areas due to inconsistent pressure or slippage. Replacing the sprocket only may not become enough to resolve the root problem you are experiencing. The good thing is that the knowledgeable group at Ever-power will continue to work with you to diagnose complications and make suggestions for the best & most cost-effective path forward.
Ready to get your project back ready to go quickly? You can also drop us a message at, and we’ll use you to make sure that we provide you with the exact roller chain sprockets or conveyor chain sprockets that you need.
Sprocket for Standard Conveyor Chain
Sprocket for conveyor chain is designed and made to optimum contour, material, hardness, and precision to get the highest effectiveness of conveyor operation.
We provide a line-up for RS2040 – RF2160 with S rollers, and RF2040 – RF2100 with R rollers.
Chains that make use of S rollers engage with every other tooth. Sprockets will have a longer life as chains build relationships different teeth each time the rollers rotate (when actual number of the teeth is odd).