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Application scope and advantages of three-phase asynchronous motors

2020-11-20 read 19

Three-phase asynchronous motor is a kind of electromechanical equipment that transforms electromagnetic energy into mechanical kinetic energy and provides production machinery to complete various fitness exercises.It is widely used in industrial production industries such as mechanical equipment, metallurgical industry, coal, crude oil, and chemical plants.Most production machinery is driven by three-phase asynchronous motors as transmission devices.For example, all kinds of mechanical equipment, hoisting machinery, material handling equipment, electric shovels, steel rolling mills, centrifugal water pumps, centrifugal fans and textile equipment, etc., are all driven by three-phase asynchronous motors. An intelligent processing plant must be good Hundreds or even tens of thousands of three-phase asynchronous motors.

 With the continuous development trend of agricultural mechanization, the use of three-phase asynchronous motors in agriculture and animal husbandry has gradually become common. For example, most agricultural machinery such as power engineering exhausting, de-comparing, rice milling, squeezing and crushing are made of three-phase asynchronous Driven by a motor.

 Because national defense technology is gradually becoming intelligent, and the new technology components of various military equipment continue to improve, three-phase asynchronous motors are increasingly used in national defense technology and various military equipment.For example, most of the turn headlight system software for various land and ship radar detection and weapons are driven by three-phase asynchronous motors.   

In the transportation industry, along with the continuous improvement of everyone's awareness of ecological and environmental protection and environmental protection and energy conservation, the development trend of electrified railways, urban rails and other electrified public transportation tools has attracted more and more attention.Therefore, many traction motors with high-quality starting and braking systems and variable speed characteristics will also be necessary.

In shipping and air freight, there must be many ship motors and airline motors with special requirements.In daily life, electric fans, fully automatic washing machines, household refrigerators, air conditioners, etc. are also driven by motors.With the continuous improvement of the level of industrialized production automation technology, there are still many maneuvering motors with various characteristics as the hydraulic control system or implementation components of the automation technology.

In addition, in culture and art, diagnosis and treatment, and scientific research.The use of three-phase asynchronous motors has become more and more common.Most of the production machinery uses three-phase asynchronous motor to drive. This is because the use of three-phase asynchronous motor to drive has a series of advantages:   

1. The electromagnetic energy is far away from the transportation, and the economic development is simple, the distribution is simple, the inspection side is convenient, and the quality is low.

2. The three-phase asynchronous motor drive is more efficient than other methods.The connection between the transmission device and the drag mechanical equipment is simple;

3. There are many forms and types of three-phase asynchronous motors with various characteristics.It can be integrated into the needs of different production machinery, and the operation of the start, braking system, reverse direction and speed change of the three-phase asynchronous motor drive is simple and fast, and the speed change characteristics are excellent;   

4. It can complete long-distance manipulation and automatic adjustment, and thus complete the automation technology of the processing process.

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