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What are the advantages and disadvantages of small DC motors

2020-11-20 read 18

The advantages of small DC motors:

1. The variable speed coverage of DC motor is wide, and the DC motor is easy to adjust smoothly;

2. DC motor load, start and brake system torque is large;

3. The DC motor is easy to control, and the DC motor has high reliability;

4. The dynamic energy loss of the DC motor during variable speed is small.

Defects of small DC motor:

The commutation of the DC motor is difficult, the volume of the DC motor is limited, and the DC motor cannot be made very large.

Common problems of DC reducer:

The common faults of small reducers are divided into two categories, mechanical and electrical;

We can prevent or reduce the common faults in the mechanical profession according to the usual maintenance or maintenance.

For example, once the motor has a bore, excessive vibration, hot, etc., we can find the problem by checking whether the components of the rolling bearing are tightened, whether the lubricating grease is sufficient, and whether the insulating layer of the winding electromagnetic coil is intact, etc. , And then proceed to solve the problem based on the relative difficulty.

If the rolling bearing does not meet the required specifications, the gap between the motor rotor and the motor stator is too small, which will cause damage to the rolling bearing and even deformation, and endanger all normal applications of the motor.

If the motor shaft, bearing end cover, and motor rotor do not have the same horizontal line, there will be a sweeping condition, and the components must be adjusted or replaced immediately.

Therefore, everyone should grasp the basic professional knowledge of DC reducer safety operation and maintenance methods.

When a common fault occurs in the DC reducer, the cause of the problem can be distinguished according to its common fault condition, so that the difficulty can be solved quickly and prevent greater damage.

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