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Ever-Power OABCDEF type double v belt wheel

Pulleys are parts of wheel hubs. The manufacturing process is mainly based on casting and forging.The material is generally cast iron (good casting performance), and steel is rarely used (poor cast steel performance); pulleys are mainly used for long-distance power transmission applications.

Pulleys, a wide range of applications, small sewing machines, and even some large cars are used.Textiles, machine tools, tobacco, communication cables, food, petrochemical, instrumentation and other industries.

Advantages of Pinghai Machinery Industrial Pulley Drive:

1. Pulley drive can reduce load impact;

2. The belt drive runs smoothly, with low noise and low vibration; the belt pulley drive structure is simple and easy to adjust;

3. Pulley drive pulley is not as strict as the meshing drive for the strict precision of manufacturing and installation;

4. The belt pulley has overload protection function;

5. The two-axis drive has a wide adjustment range from the center pulley.

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