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The 4 steps for correct operation of the reducer are extremely important

2020-11-20 read 17

MotorIt is very widespread today, no matter which motor has excellent performance in the application process, it can help everyone to achieve the actual effect estimated.The reducer is a very general motor, and it is estimated that it can achieve better performance in the application process.Everyone should pay more attention to the actual operation. 

1. Before unpacking, everyone should check whether the package of the reducer is intact, and should also ensure that it does not return to moisture or have other problems.In the actual operation process, be sure to prevent skewing or rotation, otherwise it is very easy to cause damage to the motor and its performance will be reduced. 

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2. The inspection of the reducer before application should not be ignored. Everyone must check whether there is damage, and ensure that its accessories are intact, and the standard parts should be ensured not to loosen easily, otherwise this will cause the motor in the application process. Strong vibration. 

3. Everyone should pay more attention to the installation of the reducer.It is best to ensure that the installation meets the relevant requirements and that the server installation is reliable.    

4. The application of the reducer is to better ensure that the natural ventilation standard is good, and it also needs to have a refrigeration standard, otherwise it will endanger the application of the motor.

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